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SPACE Haul [Apr. 24th, 2007|05:55 pm]
[Tags|, ]

A list of all the books I bought/got/traded for at the SPACE show, with relevant links. Reviews to come later.

Mr. Ill #1
Brian Barna, Ronson Butler, & Dan Kellaway

My Mind's Made Up!
Suzanne Baumann

Kevin Cool #5, 7
Larry Blake

Driving Tour of Northern Indiana Sketchbook
Pam Bliss

Now Is Most Certainly Not The Time To Panic!!!
Tony Brandl

The Accidental Hue-Men: Plum Hearts
Michael Carroll

You're A Funky Idiot, Arlo Wazzo
Thomas M. Cherry

Ozone Jones: Tough Rednecks From Mars
Twenty Four Pages In Ten Hours
The Autobiography of Rik Angeles #2
Michelangelo Cicerone

Doom Force #1
Steve's Sweet Life
Jim Coon

The Good Guy Gang #1
Tim Corrigan

Cornelia Cartoons #9
Kel Crum

Doctor Dremo #2-3
DC Conspiracy

Mr. Big
Mr. Big Concepts and Sketches
Carol & Matt Dembicki

Spadefoot #1
Matt Dembicki & James West

Mome #7
Fantagraphics Books

Escape in a Dirigible
Anthony Feinman

The Mask Conspiracy
Myke Feinman

Jaicore: Beatdown #2
Jamie Filer

Fl!pped #1-2
Monster Bomb!
Terry Flippo

Slam Bang Vol. 3 #1-2
Allen Freeman

Kitty Litter #6
Ryan Holgersen & Nathan Brewer

Blink: Let It Be As It Is
Max Ink

19th Century Detective #1-2
Larned Justin

Farlight Saga Ethos #1-3
Jared Koon, Sarah Hebblethwaite, & Francois Beaulieu

The F.E.D.S. #2-3
Steven Meyers

Potlatch Project #5-6
Steven Noppenberger

The Origin of Sparky
Steve Peters

Seasons of the Seventh Child
Nan Roberts

Plastic Farm: Sowing Seeds On Fertile Soil
Plastic Farm #13.1
Rafer Roberts

The Adventures of Marky #1
Madison Shires

Miracle Force #16-18
Southern Fried #7-9
Jerry Smith

Ka-Whump! #2
Robert Sumner

Wasted Potential: Fit 2 Print
Ray Tomczak